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Anna Blatman - Australian Artist


Being in my garden inspires me, the panoply of beautiful Australian flora ~ and the light playing off them, this essense translates directly into the textural nature of my paintings ~ layering tone on tone, to resemble the grandeur of life.



Q. How did you start your artistic journey?
A. I started entering art shows, and someone said, “oh I’d buy that!” and I thought oh well if they would buy it maybe someone else would also buy it. And then I think I just kept going. I never had any plans. I’ve just thought I’ll just keep seeing this out until no one wants to hear from me again! And I’m still going. That is what I’m very grateful for.

Q. How would you describe your artistic style? And how has it evolved over time?
There are no hidden meanings in my paintings. What you see is what you get. And that’s, that’s like myself I suppose! I just love colour and I love putting it down in any way I can get it down. And I love nature. So, when I mix nature and colour together, that’s what you get. I like to put a lot of paint on the canvas, and even kids come into my gallery and want to touch the paintings. The mothers are having a heart attack. And I’m like, no, if they want to touch it, let them touch it! Kids want to touch things.

I look back on myself, and I think I’ve still got that same vibe, I just have a bolder version of it. I look back at myself and look at the paintings I might have done 20 years ago, and then I’ll paint similar ones just to see how I would do it again today. I feel like I’m still the same person that I was when I was at 21, and no amount of success has really changed that.

Q. Florals are a big part of your art. What is it in that subject matter that you find so inspirational?
I like flowers that are not all the same in the bunch. It’s like family; you’re not all the same, you know what I mean? I still love painting flowers because they’re for every occasion. Flowers are weddings, death, birth, they’re in everyone’s life. They’re in your garden, for love, for death, they’re everywhere. So I say buy some forever flowers, for your wife, or even just for yourself!




Q. If you could become one of your works of art which one would you choose?
I think one of my birds. The birds are free and they can fly anywhere, and then if I feel “it’s no fun I’ve gotta get the hell outta here” I can fly off, take to the skies and you know, fly between the trees. They’re just beautiful, the birds of the world. So, I’m just having a bit of fun with them, but I try to make them my own. I try to get all those colours out.

Q. You also paint a lot of other creatures, even snails!
I love the snails because they’re just so gentle they just slide through your garden on their merry way and wouldn’t hurt anyone. I used to step on them when I was young, but I don’t step on them anymore! I suppose I’m now a reformed snail stepper.

Q. If you were no longer able to use the medium that you are use now, how else would you express your creativity?
A. Doing art classes is great way to get that creativity for other people, product development, and going into schools and teaching. There are lots of other avenues for me that I would be totally satisfied. I try to stay humble because you never know when it’s going to end. And you just always be grateful when the shop door opens, or someone emails.



Q. After 31 years of being an artist, what keeps you moving forward into the future?
I kind of paint just to amuse myself and I’m just blessed that other people have connected with what makes me happy. I’m just playing. It’s like, who doesn’t want to play every day? You know, and I’m doing what I want. I’m not answering to anyone, except for the colours. And, you know, I can just lose myself every day. Like, how much more perfect could that be?? I would rather have less and enjoy what I do. There’s never been a day that I can honestly say that I’ve come in here and thought, “You know what, I’m going home”. Because if I’m not feeling one painting, I can start work on something else.

Q. What is the best advice that you have ever been given?
If something doesn’t go right, it doesn’t mean it’s not going right forever. It’s just not going right that day. But every day is a new day. And as I said to my kids, the only thing that separates everyone is attitude. You’re either going to have a good attitude or a bad attitude. I’ve always had that get up and go. I was going to chase down every lead. I was committed to making this work and that was by not giving up. I’ve paid my dues and I didn’t just start at the top. You’ve got to do everything just to get to that stage. I’ve just always done it. And then people say, “Oh, wow. You’ve made it!” And I think, I still haven’t made it. I’ve just kind of made it. I want to make it a little bit more. Just a bit more. There’s always more to do. I’ve got more fun to have.


It may have been the spectacular pairing of mid sixties’ marvellous Melbourne combined with my parents’ unique genetic blend, which brought to life a dynamic instinct in me to project paintings from my inner gallery into the world at large.

I think texture and layering is important, and the originals are very tactile pieces. Each of my works is named after close friends and family, so every single one has a special meaning to me and shows a glimmer of their personality. My hope is that you can find some of your personality in a piece that sparks joy within you.

Thank you, and enjoy the website.
Anna x