Anna Blatman - Artist

It may have been the spectacular pairing of mid sixties' marvellous Melbourne combined with my parents' unique genetic blend, which brought to life a dynamic instinct in me to project paintings from my inner gallery into the world at large.

Being in my garden inspires me, the panoply of beautiful Australian flora - and the light playing off them, this essence translates directly into the textural nature of my paintings - layering tone on tone, to resemble the grandeur of life.

I think texture and layering is important, and the originals are very tactile pieces.

Each of my works is named after close friends and family, so every single one has a special meaning to me and shows a glimmer of their personality. My hope is that you can find some of your personality in a piece that sparks joy within you.

I want everyone’s life to be full of colour, and art certainly isn’t just for walls. With this in mind I’ve created a range of homeware and accessories, as well as traditional wall art, with idea that you can find the right combination that works for your space, or take a pop of colour out and about with you.

If you’re thinking about commissioning an original, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have about your special piece. I have canvases made to your exact specifications, so we can work together to come up with something with your home in mind from the very beginning.

Thank you, and enjoy the website.

Anna x